About us:

Mugul Electronics has gone through a series of re-organization activity in 2007 and re-located herself in the sectoral strategical district of Karakoy. In addition to her service activities in electric and electronic services; Mugul electronics has started penetrating the market with  AC, DC and geared electrical motor (gearmotor) importation, sales and after-sales services thereafter.

The highly skilled and experienced team has been even more dynamic with the re-engineered organization. The service understanding is robust and thorough. The Mugul team promptly obtains the samples, technical documentation in the design phase, and the client is served with confidence. The true team work is brought to the client’s attention with reasonable pricing and the quality.

In consequence, The Mugul Electronics sales and product differentiation is constantly increasing. In addition, the technological advanacements are constantly followed, and reflected to our product line. Not just words, but our team is a strong follower of a continuous learning curve.

Even though most of the requests  are available in our stocks, some specialty requests are instantly served to save time. A 24 hour principle in serving the client’s needs (over an email or phone communication) is the backbone of our principle.

Direct from the manufacturer to client is the most efficient way to serve, and hence, Mugul is the distributor or representative to the following companies:

German Bühler, Astro, South Korean GGM, Daehwa, Excem, SMS, Chinese Nostop, Kingly, Ito, Nichibo, Linix, Kinmore and GPG. The number is increasing as we confirm the reliability and quality of the newcoming suppliers.

In short, you will see a smiling face in Mugul Electronics while your request is taken care of – instantly…